No Longer Wannabe.

In high school, I walked the mile. Defiant (go figure) and fully steeped in the belief that I was not a runner, I would never be a runner and further more, running is the worst, so why bother?

Fast forward a few decades, gym owner Sunny, health/wellness/fitness/yogi and goal setter Sunny, set a few running goals (mostly to combat the seasonal depression that can overtake me from being indoors during the hellish Iowa winter months) and I hit the trails and the pavement. I ran several significant races and didn’t much enjoy the run. I called myself #wannaberunner on my social outlets and trudged along.

After my amazing team of friends ran Ragnar Snowmass two summers ago, I literally didn’t run for about 15 months, zero miles and I gave zero you know whats about that choice.

This past September, in a move of solidarity to my amazing tribe of Move Fit 4 Life! members, I committed to running in order to stay real with how hard it is for most people to get to the gym and workout, because for me, running is so freaking hard. Or, I should say, WAS so freaking hard.

I started reading about running technique, breathing, form and shoes. I discovered On Cloud shoes and after extensive research, bit the bullet and purchased a pair (game changer, no joke people). I began following runners on Instagram, reading their posts, following their stories and listening to podcasts and reading articles in Runners World.

I stumbled upon a few truly amazing athletes and latched on to their content, soaking up their insights, their mental drive and tips on recovery, speed, tempo runs, distance runs and nutrition.

Guess what? I fell in loooove. I am so in love.

Many of you know this already, but this love has really taken on a life of its own, I mean, I am talking to Jesus about running, I am talking to Jesus while running. I think about running all day long. I cannot wait to get home and put on my LuluLemon fleece tights, que up a podcast and hit the road. I am no longer a wannabe runner, I am a runner.

Yes, I am slow and have no clue how to pace and have ten million arguments with myself while running about why the heck I am running, but I have changed my narrative to runner and I cannot tell you the last time I felt so charged up, so electrified and excited to push my brain and body.

I am running the Chicago Marathon in October. I have a long journey ahead of me, as I am actually going to do this the right way, not the way I ran my half-marathons with literally NO training at all (for real, my first half, the farthest I had ever run was 5.5 miles and on race day, I hadn’t run in 8 weeks, smart) and relaying on will and strength to get the job done, which I did but it hurt.

For the next several months, I am going to document my slow transition into a marathon runner right here on this wee-little website of mine, you wanna know why? Because if I can fall in love with running, YOU can fall in love with the gym, with lifting, with eating well, with all of those things you have believed your whole life you cannot do, or you hate to do.

I HATED RUNNING all of my life. Hated. But look at me now? I changed my mind and you can too.

And this picture represents the sheer joy I feel in knowing that I can prove myself wrong, that I can change.


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